Registration Fee and Guideline

For the marketing of the organic produce from UOCB firstly the buyers have to get him registered with UOCB. After the registration the details of the demand from buyer is being placed to UOCB which further passes it to the concern farmers group or federation for its supply. Then a meet is being arranged between the buyer and the identified farmers group where negotiation on rates and specification of quality of product is discussed and vetted upon by signing of the agreement. UOCB is not involved in the process of rate negotiation but provides guiding prices to both buyers and farmers.

UOCB is actively involved in the marketing of the organic products from its registered farmers group directly for registered buyers for export as well as domestic market. As per the production projections the annual farm gate sale this year is forecasted to touch 30-40 crore pa. UOCB has always stood by her buyers undaunted support and service to the supply chain. 

UOCB has limited manpower and budgets to handle multiple buyers and their demand. To enable better service for the supply chain it is now proposed that UOCB will now register the buyers.  

An annual registration fee of Rs. 5000 is charged from the trade partners.

The registration form can be downloaded from our website the buyer traders gets the package of benefits which it can avail time and again, the different benefits are as follows: – 

  • Customized Producers – Buyer Meets and field visits.
  • Participation in the Organic Fairs/Exhibitions/Workshops/Seminars on payment/sponsorship basis.
  • Support in organizing Consumer Awareness Programs.
  • Being invited to conferences meetings and general buyer seller meets.
  • Getting information from UOCB Magazines and newsletters.
  • Distribution of / promotional fliers, brochures.
  • Distribution of Display Stands and other literatures.
  • No transaction certificate cost will be charged.
  • Facilitation and monitoring in the supply of the commodities in terms of travel of the UOCB staff to the supply areas and link with field works and farmers groups.