Organic Uttarakhand
Organic Uttarakhand

Organic Uttarakhand

Chemical growth hormones in animal husbandry though milk, eggs and meat directly affect our system too The world organic movement is now 30 years old and the market continues to grow at a rate of 30% annually. “Organic Uttarakhand’ is a symbol of all organic products being produced by farmers from all over the state through a number of products. These promote income generation for deprived groups with technology transfer.
Organic uttarakhand is the state government initiative for ecological governance and economic sustainability plan.

  • Safe guarding you and your family from toxic chemicals,
  • Helping a deprived farmer group economically
  • Participating in a moment for a more responsible society.

Organic Food Products are commodities produced without the use of any kind of chemicals/inorganic agriculture inputs.
Organic Farming systems stress on natural bio cycles, crop rotations, use of natural resources for production and pest management. These systems also apply natural laws like lunar and solar rhythms.
Organic agriculture in the State is an organized and innovative approach to rejuvenate hill agriculture. Several state programs have been dedicated towards organic farming through technology demonstrations and models creations. As the organic regime is entirely an alternative system, all support systems like production protocols, delivery mechanisms, guarantee systems, product development, market initiatives and consumer reach all needed alternative software in many areas along with alternative hardware.
The use of chemicals has on hand delivered excess production of food grains for the growing population but on the other hand posses a number of economical, ecological and health concerning challenges.

Chemicals in the form of pesticide residue in vegetables, fruit and cereals play havoc in the human body. Chemicals in the form of fertilizer inhibit natural plant growth and food is devoid of vital nutrients.Chemicals in water, air and soil cause pollution affecting us indirectly.

  • Technical Initiatives
  • Organic Basmati Export Program
  • Study Reports
  • Development of Litrature
  • Certification