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Barnyard Millet

Local Name: Madira/ Jhangora
Botanical Name: Echinochloa frumentacea Variety: PRa J1, KL-29, Kanchan, VL-1, IPS-149, UPT-8, K-1, T-46, PRB-9403.
Nutritional Constituents: Protein 6.2 g, Fat 2.2 g, Calcium 20.0 mg, Carbohydrates 65.5g, Calories 307, Phosphorus 280, Iron 2.9 mg, Fiber 9.8 gm.
Product Code: J-039



Barnyard Millet is used as a substitute of rice in Uttaranchal hills. Many hill folks in Garhwal region of the state use jhangora for pudding. Incidentally, Jhangora species is very similar to Kinua the ancient food of the ‘Incas’. Kinua is very popular as a health food in Europe. It grows at a height of 400-2100 m above sea level.


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