Organic Kidney Bean

Local Name:- Rajam, Chemi

Botanical Name: – Phaseolus Vulgairs

Variety:- Pusa paravti, Jampa, Arka Komal, Pant Anupama, Pant Bean 2.

Nutritional Constituents:- Water 12 g, Protein 22.9 g, Fat 1.3 g, Iron 6.8 mg, Calcium 260 mg, Carbohydrates 60.6 g and Phosphorus 410 mg.


Uttarakhand is home to more than a hundred varieties of Kidney Beans or Rajmah and is extensively grown across the state as a cash crop by marginal farmers. It can be eaten as boiled, baked, or as Dal. The whole grain is soaked then fried or boiled to make Dal. It is grown at an altitude between 1000 to 2000m above sea level.


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