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Organic Farming Research and Development

Mr. Jafar Sultan SRF (Plant Pathology) has left the organization and Dr. Dhiraj Kumar SRF (Agronomy) was unfortunately expired in the road accident. The vacant seats are to be filled by calling fresh interviews. The file has been moved to Government for approval. It is expected that the new appointments shall take place in the month of April 2006.

Research and Development

Research and Development studies relating to organic farming (in-vitro) have been initiated. The layout of the Research Trials were made with Dr. J. Kumar, Professor and Head Plant Pathology, GBPUAT, Hill Campus, Ranichauri, Tehri and VPKAS, Almora. The proposals are in the final stage and MoU has been signed.

Research and Development cell has been established at Majhkali and staff shifted. It has been decided that Research and Development work shall be conducted now at Majhkali Center itself.

The SRFs also took a field survey of the villages undertaken under the organic intervention in horticulture programme with CHEA organization. The SRFs in coordination with the technical wing of C.O.F. – I regularly monitoring the progress of work.

A package of practice has been prepared for the demonstration trial of cereals, pulses and vegetables being undertaken for demonstration by the UOCB. The same POP has been printed with the financial assistance from fund received under NPOF, Govt. of India and have been distributed to the farmers during the training program.