Success Stories: Organic Uttarakhand
Success Stories


Srikot village, Pauri district, has become a saturation bio-village, adopted by the project and educating all farmers about the shortcomings of chemical fertilizers and benefits of bio-fertilizers. 18 demonstrations on EM Heap, BD Heap, CPP and Nadep were organized in the village and farmers, who were not a part of project, have started producing Nadep compost by their own efforts.

Dhanpau village, Block Kalsi, District Dehradun. In year 2001 when the village was identified as a bio-village, a total of 146 quintals of D.A.P. was being consumed in the village. After selection as a Bio-village the village comprising of 40 families have reduced the use of chemical fertilizers to 10 quintals. All village homes produce compost, bio-pesticide using cow-urine. A women SHG called Durga Mahila Swayam Saha yata Samooh leads the village. The SHG is also producing Baby Pillow made up of millet husk and other product like organic ginger, organic turmeric and other grains.

Girish Joshi, Jajut village, Block Gangolihaat, Pithoragarh district, a Master Trainer who is committed to bio-agriculture, is growing onions using 3 tons compost per acre, CPP and liquid manures. Last year, he grew 15 percent extra onions and the growth in bulbs was also observed.

Farmers in Sheel village, Almora district, are successfully using bio-composts to boost agriculture. Umesh Singh has qualitatively improved his groundnut crops, by increase in the grains’ solidity and size, along with reduction in its harvesting time and has boosted his output by 15 percent.

Brijmohan Chauhan, Thadun village, Block Purola, Uttarkashi district, has prepared a bio-pesticide with negligent expense, using bio-liquid obtained from the aromatic leaves of a locally available wild plant, he used it successfully on his tomato crop on 10 nali {about .02 ha} land. By selling the same he earned Rs 10000/= as extra income.

Shiva Charan Singh, a pragmatic farmer and gram pradhan, Mundakhedakalan village, Haridwar district, has amazingly grown 70 kilograms bottle gourds using only one seed in 60 just days. He applied three kilograms bio-compost to achieve this incredible result.

Anand Singh Bisht, a farmer from Jitpur village, Nainital district, has successfully used 900 kilo bio-fertilizers on his basmati crop on 4ha land and has registered a 10 percent jump in his corp by reducing the input costs substantially.

Village Mankandpur, Block Ramnagar, Nainital has become a fully saturated bio-village. The farmers are producing different type of compost like ‘Matka-Khad’, vermi-compost etc. The cowdung available in the village is now being completely used for making compost. The farmers have able to sell their organic wheat at the price of Rs. 1400/= per quintal.