Constituted on 19 May 2003 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, UOCB is Uttarakhand’s nodal agency focusing on and promoting Organic Farming.

Tasked with the mission to make Uttarakhand the organic capital of India, UOCB plays a crucial role in promoting organic activities in agriculture and allied sectors like Horticulture, Medicinal Aromatic Plants & Herbs, and Animal Husbandry. The organization is also responsible for upholding equal and unequivocal emphasis on achieving sustainable rural development in the state.

Mission and Vision


To make Uttarakhand the
organic capital of India.


To achieve sustainable rural development in the state of Uttarakhand through organic farming.

The 4 Wings of UOCB

The 4 Wings Of UOCB
The Technical Cell

The Technical Cell

Identifying clusters willing to go organic, instructing and forming farmer groups based on produce, and designing the cultivation capacity of the clusters are the three most essential functions of the UOCB Technical Cell.

The Training Cell

As the vital link between the board and the cluster groups/farmers, the primary function of the UOCB training cell is to equip and guide the farmers with process-related demonstrations, training sessions, exposure visits, publications, and programs.

Training Programs at State Training Center for Organic Farming.
The training covers various information, including seed preparation, composting techniques, and bio-pesticide making in vernacular languages. In addition, the training cell also provides extensive audio-visual and print aids like research papers, packages of practices, posters, pamphlets, and CDs on internal control systems to facilitate learning and skill upgrades in local farmers.

The Training Cell
The Certification Cell

The Certification Cell

With the help of an Internal Control System, the certification cell under UOCB facilitates ‘Organic Certification’ for farms & stores, small landholders, 3rd party certification under NOP and NPOP for group certification, and certification under the Participatory Guarantee Scheme (PGS).

The Marketing Cell

The Marketing cell pivots around functions that help endorse organic produce to B2B consumers via exhibitions, seminars, and conferences.

In 2019, our farmers participated in 35 fairs and Exhibitions.

  • Sales: ₹28 Lakh
  • Demand Generated: ₹210 Lakh

In 2020-21, our farmers participated in 11 fairs and Exhibitions.

  • Sales: ₹08 Lakh
  • Demand Generated: ₹85 Lakh
The Marketing Cell

UOCB’s marketing cell aims to connect the consumers directly with organic-food producers through ‘Haat’ or weekly vegetable markets on Sundays & Thursdays in prime locations of Dehradun. Products cultivated by certified farmers of the board are sold in a number of retail outlets under the strongly cemented brand ‘Organic Uttarakhand’. Qualitative products combined with consumer awareness programs have created a win-win situation for farmers and consumers.




UOCB has spearheaded the Organic Cultivation Movement in India. Apart from the constant visit list of farmers, officers, and NGOs, many states like HP and AP seek consultation from the board on organic best practices.

The board has successfully established comprehensive supply chains from farms to markets and advocates a transparent buy-sell process. UOCB made substantial progress in various product categories, and the demand for Basmati, Mandua, Chillies, Wheat, Pulses, Traditional Rice, and perishables like vegetables has surged. Mandua, cultivated widely in Uttarakhand, has become a part of ‘India Mix’- a mid-day meal input, standardized with the World Food Program (WFP), creating a market of 1000 metric tons. Organic Dehradun Basmati and the basmati regions in US Nagar now have a market potential of 2000 hectares.

UOCB has the most extensive Internal Control System in India that helps manage 300 OPGs. In addition, it has facilitated the certification of Organic Processing units of apricot oil, rose water, lemongrass, chamomile oil, and sugarcane set up by farmer groups.

In a short span, UOCB has brought a positive transformation to the lives of the farmers, and our achievements are laudable. In line with this, the Government has initiated a separate act for organic farming in Uttarakhand.